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2.4.1 Next Steps

As State organizations evaluate adopting agile, consideration should be given to making small, incremental changes. If an organization is interested in becoming more agile in its project management and system development practices, follow these recommended next steps:

  1. Engage an internal or external certified agile expert to assess the current state of the organization and create an agility adoption strategy that identifies specific challenges that need to be addressed.
  2. Create a roadmap of small, incremental changes based on the findings of the assessment.
  3. Form an executive team to support the organization’s transition.
  4. Thoughtfully identify a pilot project for which it is appropriate to use a subset of agile practices. Successes early create momentum, but early failures in adoption create skepticism; choose the pilot effort with care.
  5. Train all pilot program participants and Stakeholders on the selected agile implementation, including organizational leadership and decision-makers.
  6. Kick off the pilot project with active, embedded agile coaching.
  7. Gather feedback frequently and continually improve.
  8. Share successes within your organization and with others outside your organization that may benefit from understanding your experience using an adaptive approach.

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Updated: September 22, 2017